You Used Your Microwave for WHAT?! It’s Kitchen Hacks, Dorm-Room Style..

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College life is the best time and place to find out how creative you are. During my college days, many a night were spent discovering how we could cook the foods we had available to us with the minimal resources available. That was the life.

Now that your not-so-little ones find themselves settling into their dorms, it’s only fair to pass on a few survival hacks to get them through those long nights studying for exams (and by studying, I mean long nights of partying).

keurig brewer

Never fear, if you have a coffee maker like this one in your room, you can use it’s heating mechanism to heat water. That hot water is all you need for ramen, to make oatmeal, to boil hot dogs, and even cook and steam vegetables. You can also make soft-boiled eggs or use the burner to make grilled cheese. Just make sure to clean the coffee maker if you ever want to use it to make actual coffee again.

waffle iron

If you made the smart purchase for them and they have a waffle maker, your scholar can get creative and make brownies, cinnamon rolls, burgers or  can even grill paninis. Think they’ll be in the mood to make a stuffed pizza? Just lay out some rolled dough or a soft taco wrap, add toppings like sauce, cheese and pepperoni, and close. Your roommates will surely beg for a slice.

1840__76083.1405393066.1280.1280Microwaves are also very useful for making meals in small spaces. They’re specifically made for that purpose, especially when you’re just making a meal for one person. The hard part is to understand the heat settings on your microwave and how it works. Once they learn the heat settings on the microwave, they can make anything from popcorn to pasta, taquitos, poached eggs and bacon, and of course, microwave dinners. Never thought you can make a cake in your lowly microwave? Think again.


As a college student, the hard part is keeping your microwave, coffee maker, and waffle maker clean. If you do, you will be making better food than you will ever find in the school cafeteria.