Waffle Pizza Pockets Under 10 Minutes

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You know the Sunday routine by heart by now: roll out of bed and make waffles in your waffle maker before you can even fully open your eyes. Sunday morning waffles are a crowd pleaser that adults and children both devour, but you can be doing a lot more with your waffle maker than just making waffles. Your good ole waffle maker can make pizza if you have dough in the freezer or cupcakes if you don’t have a muffin tin. Want some cupcakes in under ten minutes or a breaded macaroni and cheese? Done! Seriously, these things are possible and you need to try them— now!


What You’ll Need

Besides for plain pizza, your waffle maker can whip up pizza pockets— waffle pizza pockets that is. To make them you need Crescent Rolls, Mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses, and pizza sauce for wonderful dipping. You can also add in whatever filling you’d like (think pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, or whatever you normally like with your cheesy goodness).

crescent roll

The How-to 

Before you start, turn on the waffle maker to let it preheat while you’re preparing the dough. Now, open up the package of crescent rolls and remove the dough gently so that it doesn’t tear and cut the roll in half, bagging the other half for later. Unroll the half that you have in front of you and separate into two rectangles. Cut both into triangles, so that you have four triangles now. Pinch the triangle seams back together (to look like a rectangle again) so that when folded, there will be a triangle for the top of the pocket and one for the bottom.


Now you can fill one of the two dough rectangles with all of the fillings you want, and then cover with the other rectangle, making sure to seal the sides so that the cheese doesn’t fall out. Carefully lift and place this in your waffle maker, being sure to close it carefully and not just mash the lid down on your precious pizza pocket. The whole cooking process should take only about three minutes, and then when you take out your pizza pocket you can use the pizza sauce for dipping it into.