The Juicy Tips That Make Juicing Worth It

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Juicing came onto the health scene with a bang, to eventually become more than a fad, proving its lasting power in the diets of people everywhere. Coming off of the longest winter ever, juicing is the perfect way to get you back into the mood for summer and invigorate you with all the energy you’ve been lacking during the cold months. A juicer is one of the most crucial appliances in the kitchen, since it’s the only one that delivers a product bursting with nutrients and minerals for your body. Once you start incorporating a morning juice into your diet, you’ll feel the difference, and it’ll become a part of your daily routine.


So you want to start juicing, but you don’t know what to throw into the juicer— that’s why we’re here! Let’s start with your basic green juice. Unlike a smoothie, a green juice should be more vegetables than sweet fruit. Adding too many green apples, for example, can raise the sugar content in your juice and cause insulin levels to spike. Choosing the right variety of greens is important. We know how exciting it is when you find a recipe you love and how tempting it is to repeat it over and over again. However, it’s important for your body that you switch which greens you use (kale, collard greens, spinach, etc.), so your digestive system remembers to keep on working. Plus, by rotating your greens, you’ll be getting different kinds of nutrients each time, allowing your body to experience the full benefits of the nutrients. There’s an ’S’ in the words “greens” for a reason!


After you’ve made your juice, give yourself a pat on the back– you’ve just proved that juicing is something you can incorporate into your daily routine! However, don’t forget about the juicer that helped you get there.  Cleaning it out as soon as you’re finished juicing is important, as it helps maintain the lifespan of your juicer. Take the time to scrub it down with warm soap and water, so that the vegetable residue doesn’t build up, making it harder to clean later on. If you keep finding yourself without ample time to clean your juicer in the morning, don’t abandon it. Instead, leave the parts in the sink soaking, so that when you get home at night, they’re there waiting for you and will also be a lot easier to clean.