The Bais yaakov Cookbook

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Are you a Jewish mother who has run out of any ideas of what to prepare for dinner? Do you need a refresher course on the halachos involving all the preparations for cooking a meal? Do you own the Bais Yaakov Cookbook? If you don’t own it already, then you should head over to and make sure that it earns a designated spot on your cookbook shelf… and it better be front and center.

The Bais Yaakov Cookbook is unlike any other cookbook that is on the market. This particular cookbook is not just a book that offers forth recipes, but it is a spiritual guide for those embarking on a cooking quest in the kitchen.

The Bais Yaakov Cookbook initiates the quest towards success in a kosher kitchen by educating each reader on the beginnings of the Bais Yaakov movement and on Sara Schenirer herself. After reading the background story to the name that the cookbook in your hand carries, whatever you make will take on a whole new meaning.

A cookbook is a great way to give yourself a guilt free “cheating” trip when it comes to being creative in the kitchen. You need not rely on coming up with clever recipes when you are armed with the Bais Yaakov Cookbook, and you can instead rely on the delicious recipes enclosed in it to guide you to making a meal that pleases.

When you open up the Bais Yaakov Cookbook you will be met with over two hundred recipes and over twenty pages of halacha regarding topics such as checking your fruits and vegetables. In other words, when you open up the Bais Yaakov Cookbook you will be met with pages full of ways to transfer your spirituality and religion into the confines of your kitchen. This cookbook is inspiring in many ways, and you definitely can’t say that about a lot of other cookbooks.