The 4 Most Important Beach Tips You’ll Get This Summer

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To me, summer is synonymous with family outings at the beach playing soccer, having picnics, and cooling down with a refreshing glass of wine after all the fun. If you’re gearing up for that kind of beach day as well, you’ll need to know what the essentials are for that trip. Here are four tips to make sure that you’re prepared for the sun, sand and waves:


The worst thing that can happen at the beach is getting sand in your sandwich and making the play on words all too true. Avoid the unwelcome crunch in your PB&J with a PACK IT Social Cooler. The PACK IT Social Cooler keeps your foods nice and cold, unlike other coolers that merely insulate the cold. All you have to do is place the Freezable Picnic Bag in your freezer, and when you’re packing up for the beach, just take it along with you so that your watermelon can maintain that refreshing crunch (while you’re busy, soaking up the sun).


Of course, you can’t just throw your food straight into the Social Cooler– who wants their cookies getting mushed together with their macaroni salad? Separate snacks like chocolate chip cookies into a Mrs. Fields Bakers Sto-N-Go Container, so that you can keep them crunchy and ready to be devoured on demand. The Sto-N-Go Container is also the perfect solution for portioning out chips and pretzels, as opposed to a plastic bag, which would allow them to get broken up. Would you rather have tiny pieces of potato chips rather than a full chip? No thanks, I’ll choose the Sto-N-Go!

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After your snacks are taken care of, you’re going to be thirsty and craving a refreshing glass of wine. The only way to keep your bottle of wine cool while sitting in the blazing sun all day is either with a Metrokane Rabbit Wine Trek or a Corkcicle Wine Chiller. While the Metrokane Rabbit Wine Trek fits all sized bottles of wine because of its compact size, the Corkcicle Wine Chiller is longer and is more ideal for a larger bottle of wine or champagne. Both maintain the perfect temperature in your bottles so that you’ll be happy to keep on sipping and relaxing.


Any family outing isn’t complete without making sure your kids are thought of, as well, and that’s why you can’t leave your house without an Ore Originals Vroom Sippy Cup. Decorated with an adorable car design, the Ore Sippy Cup will make sure that your little one stays hydrated without spilling juice onto the sand. Now, put those beach chairs in the car and get going!