Stop With the Guessing Games and Get it Right With the Zyliss Digital Timer!

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Now, you might think that having a kitchen timer is something for people who give up easily and don’t really want to learn how to cook- but the truth is, a kitchen timer is a handy tool no matter your level of cooking experience. Having a piece of kitchenware like the Zyliss digital timer will give you the freedom to forget about dishes that take longer to cook while focusing on something else.zyliss

Having at least one Zyliss digital timer in your kitchen gives you the freedom to cook different dishes simultaneously. You can set chili to cook on the slow cooker, make and bake a pie in the oven, grill vegetables on the stove top, brown your own tortillas- and have them all finish cooking exactly when you are ready to serve! Having multiple kitchen timers will allow you to do some hefty, large volume cooking. Have a big special occasion coming up? Family in town? Then set that kitchen timer and wow them with your cooking.

Having a kitchen timer also allows you to focus more on precision cooking. Know exactly how you like your hard-boiled eggs? With a Zyliss kitchen timer, you will know exactly each and every time when your eggs are perfectly boiled. Can’t remember how long to boil potatoes to get them just right for that potato salad? Once you’ve set the timer the first time, you’ll always know how much time to wait. This will give you the freedom to continue cooking worry free and with confidence.

Having a kitchen timer prevents you from burning your dishes, but it doesn’t mean you’re a bad cook or that you’ve given up. It just means that you’ve learned how to not cook your food.  So remember to set your timer, sit back, relax, and wait- but always keep an open eye out!