Spring Sangria 101

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When the weather warms up and the days get longer, nothing beats eating and drinking outdoors. Enjoying the fine weather and having a leisurely meal with friends is one of the greatest pleasures of spring.  Of course, the perfect accompaniment to a great meal is a great drink! Sangria is the ultimate spring drink: deliciously refreshing, fruity, easy to make, and highly amenable to customization. Whether you prefer the tangy brightness of citrus fruits, the zingy sweetness of berries, or the subtle perfume of herbs and spices, there is a perfect sangria recipe for you!

When you make sangria with fresh fruits, it can take a while for the flavors to infuse. When the inspiration to drink a cool, fruity drink strikes, however, you probably won’t want to wait! That’s why the Primula Instant Infusion Beverage System is the perfect tool for sangria lovers. Fill the infusion core with fresh fruit or herbs, muddle with the wand, and – voila! – you’ll have delicious sangria, without the wait! The Primula Instant Infusion Beverage System works well with a variety of ingredients, but lends itself particularly well to juicy fruits and leafy herbs. Next time you have a craving for something exotic, try white sangria with pineapple and basil: take one bottle of dry white wine, such as Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio, add one cup of fresh sliced pineapple and a quarter cup of loosely packed fresh basil leaves to the infusion core, muddle with the flavor wand, and serve over ice with a splash of soda and a wedge of lime.


If you enjoy making cocktails at home, the Bar10der ten-in-one bar tool is the perfect accessory to help you make the most of your spirits and other ingredients. Featuring a stirrer, corkscrew, zester, knife, strainer, jigger, reamer, channel knife, bottle opener, and muddler, it’s everything you need, in one convenient package. If you want a sangria bursting with fruit flavor, and just a hint of sweetness, try making a pink strawberry sangria. Use the knife attachment to remove the tops from 1 lb of strawberries; use the channel knife to remove the zest from one lemon; measure two ounces of Grand Marnier, Cointreau, or Triple Sec using the jigger; place in a sturdy pitcher, smash with the muddler, and add a bottle of dry rosé wine. Serve over ice with a fresh rosemary sprig.


If you like a more traditional sangria made with citrus fruits and red wine, the Riedel Crystal Big Apple Decanter is the perfect vessel for flavors to slowly infuse and meld together. Place one orange, one lemon, and one apple, all thinly sliced; half a cup of port or sweet Vermouth, and a bottle of full-bodied, juicy red wine, such as Zinfandel. Allow to infuse for at least two hours; serve over ice with a splash of soda and an orange slice.