Soiree Dimple Wine Glass

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If you’re anything like me, you probably like your wine chilled. Some of my favorite wines and sangrias are best enjoyed cold after being allowed to breathe. If this sounds like you, and you’re in the mood to get a little playful, then the Soireehome Dimple Wine Glass Set is definitely for you.sioree chilled wine

The Soireehome Dimple Wine Glass set is designed to keep wine chilled without diluting it. The refreeze-able inserts can be replaced while you drink, allowing you to enjoy a drink as long as you can without risking melting.

When you really think about it, not many other wine glasses can offer the style and function that the Soireehome Dimple Wine Glass set does. We’ve gotten so used to using typical, long-stemmed glasses to even realize that they could use an improvement in the way that they allow us to drink. Classic wine glasses don’t offer much in the way of keeping temperature, and are due for a little bit of redesign.

This is not your mother’s wine glass, for sure, but it is the intersection where purpose, design and style meet. It’s the wine glass that let’s your wine stand alone and shine. Think: no additives, no dilutions, no alterations. Pour and enjoy on your own time at your own pace.

But that’s not even the fun part: as with many quality pieces of kitchenware, this is not just for wine. How many times have you found yourself in the middle of an iced coffee to find it melted halfway through?  If you ever wanted to enjoy fresh, homemade iced coffee, the Soireehome Dimple Wine Glass set will make it easier than ever. Invite a friend over and you’ll have no excuse.

Use the Soireehome Dimple Wine Glass set to enjoy cold drinks like chilled chocolate shakes or fruit smoothies. You’ll be able to enjoy every drink to the very last drop.