Now Design has holders , mitts and more.

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While updating your kitchenware is definitely something every wannabe chef or baker must do, one may neglect other important basic necessities one needs in his or her kitchen. Whether your oven mitts has seen brighter days or your apron is in need for a more up to date look, these kitchen’wear’ products are small factors yet make all the difference in your very own kitchen.  So just in time for spring, you now can freshen up your kitchen with a new set of an apron, potholders and even oven mitts with the Now Design collection.


The first thing everyone must have is an apron. But not just any apron. Now Designs offer only the most up to date styles while also including 40 years of well-made and long lasting material. If you are in the busiest of kitchens or just cooking for two these aprons are made with any type of chef in mind. One size fits all but yet has many styles to cater to all. Whether you are looking for a more traditional design of red and white stripes, a fun filled polka dotted Carnival apron or even the Savannah apron with printed flowers all around, the choices can fit anyone’s personal style.

The styles mentioned are not just made for its aprons; it can also be apart of a set of potholders and oven mitts. Now Design Basic Mitts and Potholders are made just like the aprons and are designed to withstand all types of heat as well has giving you the protection and comfort you need. Now Design gives you the flexibility to mix and match your favorite styles.  Such as the intricate Annabelle design; you can pair it alongside the matching apron or mix and match it with a basic Black and White pinstripe.

Now is the time to update your style with these Now Design sets.