Making Your Homemade Sushi a Cut Above the Rest

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Sushi is one of the most popular Japanese foods, and it’s easy to see why. Light, refreshing, and delicious, it’s ingredients range from traditional ingredients like tuna, salmon and cucumber, to more exotic flavors like mango, roasted bell peppers, or grilled meats. While many people love going out for sushi, the idea of making it at home can be intimidating. Most people think that making sushi requires specialized tools and major expertise. While it’s true that the greatest sushi masters spend decades as apprentices, studying the intricacies of their craft and becoming familiar with each tiny detail of creating the perfect combination a home cook can, actually, make delicious sushi.


When making sushi – especially if you’re using raw fish – a sharp knife is absolutely essential. The delicate flesh of fish like tuna and salmon requires a sharp cutting tool, so as to create neat, uniform slices without bruising. If you want to make sushi like a pro, the Kyocera Revolution 7 inch Sushi Knife can help! Crafted from resilient ceramic that holds its edge longer than metal, it allows you to make precision cuts with a blade that stays truly sharp over time. Like the best traditional sushi knives, the Kyocera Revolution 7 inch Sushi Knife is sharpened on one side only, and has an extra-thin blade, helping you to achieve maximum control when slicing delicate ingredients. Try using your Kyocera Revolution 7 inch Sushi Knife to make unconventional twists on nigiri (individual sushi pieces), paper-thin slices of mango, grilled eggplant, avocado, or shiitake mushroom to top your sushi rolls.


Presentation is a major part of the art of sushi: In addition to tasting great, it has to look great! When you’ve made a beautiful roll or set of nigiri, it simply won’t do to serve it on regular plates. Featuring a sushi plate, dipping dish, chopstick rests, and two sets of chopsticks, the Wabi Sushi Set for Two is the perfect way to serve your creations. Next time you make a romantic dinner, try making a sophisticated sushi roll with ingredients like grilled asparagus, seared steak, and shallot dipping sauce, and use the Wabi Sushi Set for Two to make a stunning impression!