Kosher by Design Kids in the Kitchen

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”]You have reached the point where you can pat yourself on the back for all of your cooking mastery. Gone are the days where everything in the kitchen appears to be a stumbling block, and instead you find yourself excelling at every corner of the kitchen. Your next task to tackle is getting your kids to love the kitchen as much as you do. Of course, they probably love the kitchen because of all the candy that you might have hiding in the highest cabinets there, but I mean getting them to love all the processes that occur in this magical space as much as they love that candy.

Kosher by Design Kids in the Kitchen is a cookbook miracle that will bring cooking up to the level of candy in your children’s eyes. This cookbook means business when it says Kids in the Kitchen! The recipes are easy to follow, accompanied by pictures that will make any child want to follow through the steps to reach that yummy product. Kids in the Kitchen also includes a glossary that explains which kitchen appliances you will be needing, familiarizing these tools that might have previously appeared alien to your child, and perhaps even scared him or her away from experimenting in the kitchen. Kids in the Kitchen is focused on enticing your children to want to cook and on helping them do so once they’re in the kitchen.

All of the recipes included in Kids in the Kitchen are ones that are kid friendly — Kid friendly preparation wise, and kid friendly taste wise. The best part about this cookbook is that adults who are just starting out in the kitchen can use it as well… I just won’t tell anyone your secret! There’s nothing wrong with embracing your inner child every once in a while, especially if it can lead you on the path towards becoming a better cook. Now that, I’m sure, is something that no one can object to.