Jewish Cookbooks for the Whole Family Cookbooks

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When you need to be inspired in the kitchen, Feldheim Cookbooks has got you covered. Be it for a quick recipe, Passover cooking, or even for some Bais Yaakov inspired recipes, Feldheim has a cookbook for every nook and cranny in your life.

For the health conscious Jewish family the Nutrilicious Cookbook is right up your alley. This installment from Feldheim cookbooks contains recipes that not only have your health as a top priority, but also seeks to use the crème de la crème of ingredients. In other words, the ingredients used will be only of the kinds that are the best for your body. It’s not enough for food to just taste good in the moment without providing any nutrients for your body or some lasting nourishment. If you want to make meals that pack the most nutrients and the most taste, then open up the Nutrilicous cookbook and let your cooking dreams run wild.

When you are looking to create a meal that will both wow your guests by its taste and by it appearance, the Kosher Elegance cookbook can be of assistance. Meals that will resemble modern day works of art will appear before your eyes. Never thought you could be the type of mother who flaunts a table that is decked out with appetizers, salads, and main dishes that look like they required hours upon hours to assemble? With this Feldheim Cookbook you’ll change that in an instant. Better call the paparazzi because your dishes will be turning heads!

Last, but certainly not least, of the selection from Feldheim Cookbooks is the Perfectly Pareve cookbook that is, well, a compilation of recipes that make pareve a perfect alternative when meat and dairy are not on the horizon. If you hated pareve meals until now you’ll become their biggest fan, and if you dreaded entering into the realm of being meat, impatiently waiting to eat dairy, this cookbook will open up a door of possibilities to you without compromising your love for food that tastes scrumptious.

Food should always taste good, and Feldheim has a multitude of cookbooks to prove just how good it can really taste.