Holiday House-Guest Happiness

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Although the phrase is “’Tis the season to be jolly,” what happens around the holidays, stays around the holidays.  A house full of family and friends who stay over is a lot of family bonding time that can go wrong so fast; we’ve all been there at one point so don’t even try to deny that this has never happened to you. The first night is always a breeze because everyone is still excited to see one another– after a day of having every meal together, though, people’s true colors start to emerge. Suddenly your cousin reveals that she’s allergic to every food you’ve made, your uncle only wants his food served in this plate with that glass and your mom stops being helpful and starts getting in the way. Oh yes… ‘Tis the season indeed.

To keep moods positive and everyone having a great time despite underlying tension, here’s a few hosting tips:

For the adults, always have wine out on the table in a decanter that’s as functional as it is stylish: the Riedel Horse Decanter. Having this out on your table during the meal will give guests something to talk about, something to sip while they’re talking, and something to bring with them to the couch when the meal is done.

When they make that move from the table to the couch, they’ll be holding their wine comfortably in a glass from the Riedel Vinum Bordeaux stemware set. With wine in their hand, any tension is automatically lessened and everyone is ready to socialize. Along with the flowing wine, display some mixed nuts in your living room so that everyone can snack before the meal. You’ll avoid grumpiness due to hunger—just refill them for even after the meal is over. Happy stomachs always equal happy moods!

With the adults covered, it’s time to tackle keeping the younger family members entertained. For the below five age group, serve their favorite foods in Sugar Booger Covered Suction Bowl Gift Set. They’ll be eating their noodles while laughing at the pictures of animals, so you won’t have to stand over them to make sure that they’re actually eating their dinner.

As for the kids that are past the point of cute animal-themed dinnerware, put them in charge of making soda with the Sodastream Play Home Soda Maker Starter Kit. They’ll love that they’re being given responsibility, and will gladly step up to the challenge. You’ll love that they’re not just staring at their phones with faces completely glazed over. Now, who’s ready to knock this holiday hosting season out of the ballpark?