Festive Halloween Food Ideas

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Halloween is the time for people to have fun, dress up as their favorite monster and for some foodies– the best time to uncover yummy and creative halloween treats. If you like hosting Halloween parties, then we suggest that you take your party up a notch with these amazing Halloween recipe ideas!


Photo Credit A Pumpkin and A Princess

Halloween Food Ideas

Halloween is indeed the perfect time to be creative with food. Here are some delicious and incredibly spooky Halloween food ideas that you should try this year. More food recipes can be found here.

Mummy Hot Dogs

Want another way to use hot dogs for Halloween? Try turning them into spooky mummies! All you need to do is cut crescent rolls in half and stretch them a bit to make them longer. Wrap the rolls around a hot dog and back for 15 minutes at 375°F. Recipe via A Pumpkin & A Princess.

Worm Sandwich

Worms can be quite appetizing…when they’re made from hot dogs that is. Make a grossly delicious sandwich that everyone will love with hot dog strips and a unique sauce.  Head over to The Peach Kitchen for complete instructions.


Photo Credit The Peach Kitchen

Spooky Spider Cheeseball

We all love serving cheese balls during dinner parties. After all, it is one of the most delicious and easy-to-prepare appetizers out there. For your Halloween party, we recommend that you take cheese ball dishes into a whole new level by trying out this recipe. Cooking instructions and ingredients can be found at Cleverly Inspired.

Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Of course, cupcake must always be in the food list of your Halloween party. Aside from the fact that it is one of the most popular desserts– it is also one of the most flexible ones so you can easily get creative with it! More cupcake recipes can be found here.


Photo Credit Better Home and Gardens

Mummy Cupcakes

Mummy cupcakes are one of the easiest and quickest Halloween recipes you can make. Just grab store-bought, plain cupcakes and start frosting! Pipe white frosting on cupcakes using basket-weave tip and make two red frosting eyes. Decoration steps on Better Homes and Gardens.

Ghost Cupcakes

make sure that your guests will be visited by a friendly ghost. Serve them this ghost cupcakes that are fun to make and will surely turn some heads around For cooking instructions and ingredients, please head to Good To Know.


Photo Credit Good To Know

Scary Frankenstein Cupcakes

Your Halloween party spread will never be complete without any Frankenstein in it. You do not need to have any fancy baking equipment just to copy Frankenstein’s green skin and grumpy face! For cooking instructions and ingredients, please head to Good To Know.

Halloween Cocktails Ideas

If you plan on hosting a grown up Halloween Party, then you need to know some of the fun and yummy cocktail recipes that you can serve to your guests. More cocktail recipes can be found here.

Candy Corn Shots

We’re sure everyone has found memories of the Halloween staple candy corn. The sugary goodness that melts in your mouth can also be an adult classic in the form of a fabulous shot. Layer Amaretto, orange liqueur and cream in a shot glass for the fun cocktail! Recipe from MTL Blog.


Photo Credit MTL Blog

Black Widow Shot

If you will be a hosting a Halloween girl’s night out, then you need to serve some classic and elegant cocktail recipe. This black and red shot is made using vodka and cranberry juice and might just be the most glamorous looking cocktail you can ever see. For cooking instructions and ingredients, please head to Klink Delivery.

Bloody Orange Cocktail

Halloween is the perfect time of the year to play with blood! Just simply put raspberry syrup in the syringe and “inject” it to your vodka and club soda mix. Serve this and you will surely make your guests shriek with horror! For cooking instructions and ingredients, please head to HGTV.


Photo Credit HGTV