Eggciting Recipes To Try

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Eggs are one the most versatile and nutritious foods that we have today. If you are getting bored over the usual egg recipes, here are two eggciting egg recipes that will change the way you look about eggs.

avacodo eggs

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Avocado Deviled Eggs

Eggs for appetizer– why not? This recipe introduces a new spin on the classic egg appetizer called deviled eggs. For the list of ingredients, please refer to Laurenda Marie.

Many people think they already know how to boil eggs but they are not aware that there is still a better way to cook hard boiled eggs. To achieved boiled egg perfection in the easiest and fastest way possible, we recommend using an egg cooker instead of the usual pots and pans.

After cooking the eggs, remove the shell from your hard boiled eggs. Cut the eggs lengthwise. Remove the egg yolk then place the yolks on a medium sized mixing bowl. Add only half of the ripe avocado, mayo, red hot, dijon mustard, pepper and salt into the bowl. Use a hand mixer to beat the egg yolk until it becomes creamy. Once you have achieved the creamy mixture, pour it into a piping bag. Pipe in the mixture into the cavity of your boiled egg. Sprinkle paprika on the egg mixture. Serve.

Your guests will surely be taken by surprise with the added flavor of avocado in this egg appetizer recipe. If you love breakfast pastries, then you will surely enjoy the next egg recipe that we have below.

egg rolls

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Scrambled Eggs & Cheese Egg Rolls With Sausage Gravy

This scrambled eggs recipe is not like any other. This cheesy and saucy treat is perfect as an appetizer, breakfast or snack. For the list of ingredients, please refer to Living Locurto.

You may already know how to make scrambled eggs. Scramble the eggs the way you like it. Add salt and pepper to taste. You can try mixing in 1 tbsp of sour cream to the egg mixture if you wish. Arrange the wrapper in a diamond shape. Arrange the scrambled eggs in the middle part. Top it off with shredded cheese. Roll the bottom part of the wrapper and tuck it under the eggs. Fold in the sides. Continue rolling. After wrapping all the eggs, you can place it in a deep fryer with about an inch of vegetable oil. You can also try baking the eggs at 325 degrees Fahrenheit until its color changes brown.

For the sausage recipe, place a cup of sausage in a skillet. Continue cooking until brown. Drain any excess fats. Cook a packet of gravy mix that you can buy from groceries. Pour the cooked gravy over the sausage. Mix well until you have achieved your desired consistency.

Serve the wrapped egg rolls with the sausage gravy dip. Enjoy!

These two egg recipes offer a more cost-effective and pocket friendly alternative to fancy and expensive party appetizers.