CHIC Made Simple: Fresh. Fast. Fabulous.

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A cookbook with the title “Chic Made Simple” is something that every Jewish mother should be scrambling to get her hands on. The author, Esther Deutsch, knows that when it comes to cooking we want it all: fabulous food made with fresh, accessible ingredients, recipes that are simple enough for the novice, fast enough for the busy cook, and impressive enough for the most accomplished. That’s why this cookbook is called “Chic Made Simple: Fresh. Fast. Fabulous” and lives up to all that its title has to offer.CHIC

Cookbooks are a crucial element in becoming a successful cook who prepares delicious food each time. They provide inspiration for seasoned chefs (because we all need inspiration at times) and step by step instructions for those seeking a guaranteed crowd pleaser of a meal. But choosing which cookbook to buy might be difficult: with so many titles, how are you ever supposed to choose? That’s why Kitchen Couture is here to guide you in the right direction and towards Esther Deutsch. “Chic Made Simple” encompasses everything that a Jewish chef wants to create in the kitchen. You can flip open to any page and instantly be met with gorgeous pictures of fresh food that will put you in the mood to cook.

Having the right ingredients in your house for recipes is often a struggle, but Esther Deutsch makes it easier on you and prepares her recipes with fresh and accessible ingredients that you can use again in other recipes if you have leftovers. With this cookbook, Esther Deutsch is giving you the key to taking your cooking to a whole new level but without stressing out. You are going to use fresh ingredients to make a fabulous dish in not a lot of time and you’ll soon only be referencing this chic cookbook when it comes to all things in the kitchen.