Cheese Pizza Revamped

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Cheese pizza maybe a classic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it! We put together three of our favorite ways to make pizza with a cheesy twist!

pizza mac

Photo Credit The Gunny Sack

Macaroni and Cheese Pizza

How would have thought to put mac and cheese on a pizza? A genius, that’s who.

Full list of ingredients can be found at The Gunny Sack.

You can either make your mac and cheese from scratch or you can use a boxed one, just make sure you have 3 cups of macaroni. Add in ¼ cup of milk and 3 slices of American cheese to make more sauce. Pull out your pizza stone griddle and brush it with olive oil. Place pre-made pizza dough on the stone. Spread the mac and cheese on the dough. Top with ½ cup of shredded cheese. Place in oven and bake for 7-10 minutes at 450ºF. Recipe from The Gunny Sack.

cauliflower pizza

Photo Credit ifoodreal

This macaroni and cheese pizza recipe is indeed not for the faint of heart. If you prefer a healthier pizza, check out the next pizza recipe with dough made from cauliflower!

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Pizza is one dish that dieters try to avoid due to the high amount of carbs. Well, this healthy homemade pizza will leave you feeling satisfied and guilt-free!

Full list of ingredients can be found at ifoodreal.

Get one large head of cauliflower and rinse under cold water. Place the florets in food processor and continue processing until it gives off a rice texture. Roast processed cauliflower in oven for 15 minutes then place it in a bowl lined with cheesecloth. Make a ball and squeeze water out of the cheesecloth. Make sure that no liquid is left. Set the oven to 450ºF. Place the cauliflower in a mixing bowl and add in cheese, egg, herb seasoning, black pepper and salt. Mix well. Transfer the mixture into a flat pizza stone lined with baking sheet. Flat the dough using your hands until you have created a thin pizza crust. Bake for 15-20 minutes. Top with your favorite cheese. Bake again until the cheese has turned golden brown. Take a classic pizza cutter to slice the pizza into equal sizes. Serve and enjoy. Recipe from ifoodreal.

three cheese pizza

Photo Credit Add A Pinch

Homemade Three Cheese White Pizza

This recipe features three types of white cheese that will surely meet your cheesy needs.

Full list of ingredients can be found at Add A Pinch.

Preheat the oven to 500ºF. Coat pizza pan with olive oil. Flatten the pizza dough to follow the shape of the pan. Drizzle more olive oil on the dough. Spread ricotta cheese evenly over dough using spatula, leaving a margin around the edge to form the crust. Top with mozzarella slices and generously sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Place in oven for 13-15 minutes or until the crust is golden brown. Cut using modern pizza cutter. Enjoy! Recipe from Add A Pinch.