All-Day Bacon Recipes Everyone Must Try

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Many people think of bacon only as a breakfast food. Well, bacon lovers will surely beg to differ! Bacon can be enjoyed at any time of the day and here are seven recipes to prove it!

Bacon For Breakfast
Bacon is a common American breakfast staple. Here are three bacon recipes to start your day right:

Bacon Pancakes
Pancakes are a classic breakfast dish. Add bacon to them and you will surely have a brighter day ahead. This recipe is just like “bacon tempura.” The only difference is, you use a fluffy and soft pancake to coat it. Oh, and let us not forget about the delicious maple syrup on the side. To make the preparation a lot more efficient and easier, we recommend that you use a high quality griddle and a pancake pen. Full recipe found at Lady Behind The Curtain.


Photo Credit Lady Behind the Curtain

Canadian Bacon
We’re taking a flavorful trip to Canada with this Canadian bacon recipe. A good frying pan is key to getting the bacon nice and crispy around the edges. Tuck the meaty treat in a chive biscuit with cheddar cheese and a fried egg. This awesome sandwich will give you a dose of energy to get you through the day. Full recipe found at Serious Eats.

Bacon Jam
A little untraditional and a lot of fun to eat (and say), bacon jam is the perfect combination of savory & sweet. The tasty and salty flavor of bacon balances out the sweetness and tangy taste of jam. Plus, it also packs a good amount of protein you need to get on with your day. Are you excited to start your day with a bacon jam?! If yes, then have your pot, whisk and food processor ready! Full recipe found at Tasty Kitchen.

Bacon For Appetizer
As they say, bacon makes everything better. So, why not start your party with these bacon recipes?

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus
We recommend the bacon wrapped asparagus as an opening act of your next party. Asparagus can be a bit bitter tasting on its own, but when you envelope it with bacon, top with sesame seeds and roast, it will easily become a favorite. Full recipe found at How Sweet Eats.


Photo Credit How Sweet Eats

Bacon Wrapped Scallops
Who can turn down the great combination of bacon’s crispiness and scallop’s tenderness?! The smoked paprika flavor allows the entire dish to come together. Make sure that you have your skewers, silpat and cooking sheet ready for this one. Full recipe found at Primal Palate.

Bacon For Dinner
Yes, bacon works well with dinner too! You can have your bacon and eat it too after a long work day!

Bacon Wrapped Chicken
Bacon in the oven is the healthiest method of cooking. Wrap it around chicken stuffed with mushroom and swiss cheese for a decadent dinner. Just grab a baking dish will come handy for this recipe. For full recipe, visit Bake At Midnite.


Photo Credit Bake At Midnite

Brussels Sprouts With Bacon
If you wish to have a taste of the holidays, then you should definitely eat some chestnuts. To make your dish taste even better, then you should try mixing chestnuts with bacon and Brussels sprouts. This is one healthy way to enjoy your bacon and Brussels sprouts. Full recipe found at Simply Recipes.