A Good Mood on the Go

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Of all the joys in life, good food and time spent outdoors are among the greatest, and they’re two wonderful things that are even better together! As the days get longer and the sun gets warmer, nothing beats enjoying a meal 1863__15948.1398283796.1280.1280outside. Whether you like a strenuous hike to whet your appetite, or prefer to lounge all day on the beach with a book, there are countless ways to take advantage of beautiful spring weather with fun al fresco feasts.

A picnic represents the ultimate in simple pleasures. It can be as easy as eating cheese and crackers on a park bench, or as elaborate as a multi-course meal, complete with champagne and elegant flatware. If you have kids, going on a picnic is a great opportunity to turn an ordinary day into an adventure. No matter what your age, a picnic is a great way to liven up an otherwise routine meal.

The options for outdoor dining are endless. You can bring food to the beach for a laid-back day of sun, swimming, and snacks. You can pack provisions for a camping trip or a day hike. You can even host an impromptu gathering right in your own back yard! Whether you’re traveling far afield or staying close to home, having a few choice items to help you transport and prepare your outdoor fare can be extremely helpful.

Bringing cold and easily perishable food with you usually requires a bulky, awkward cooler. What’s more, coolers merely insulate – they don’t actually keep food cold. The PackIt freezable picnic bag, however, is an easy, convenient way to keep food chilled for hours at a time. Just pop it in the freezer for a few hours, and the built-in ice packs will do the rest!


When it’s time for summer picnics, it’s also time for ripe, juicy, and flavorful fruit at the peak of perfection. Luscious peaches, fragrant tomatoes, sweet plums, and tangy nectarines make a wonderful addition to any outdoor meal. However, because they are so delicate, cutting them in advance causes their flavor and texture to deteriorate. Packing a small knife with you is the perfect way to insure your fruit stays beautifully fresh until you’re ready to eat it. The Kuhn Rikon non-stick Colori paring knife comes with its own protective sheath, making it a great option for travel. Bring along a container of whipped cream and some biscuits, slice some fresh fruit, and—voila! You have an elegant and delicious shortcake for dessert!

Al fresco drinking can be just as fun as al fresco dining. When you want to bring a little extra sophistication to your next picnic—or when you simply want to sip a glass of perfectly chilled Sauvignon Blanc on the beach—the Rabbit Wine Trek will keep your wine safe (and cold!), wherever your adventures take you.

This spring, let your imagination be your guide as you find new ways to enjoy food in the great outdoors! 6356__01636.1391113034.1280.1280