A Cosmo Like Carrie’s: Silver Screen Cocktail Hacks

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T.V. and movie producers have multiple ways of building a character. One of these ways is by including as many personality quirks and personal details as possible. Signature drinks are among some of the most fun details that give insight to personas and tastes.

Here are three characters  and their signature drinks whose drinking habits make us want to be cool like them (without all the accompanying drama, anyways):


If you’ve ever sat in front of your TV binge watching every episode of Sex and the City then you’ll be craving a cosmopolitan. The cosmo was always Carrie Bradshaw’s drink of choice and if you don’t want to do everything that Carrie did, well then you shouldn’t be having a marathon of the show to begin with. To duplicate Bradshaw’s cocktail, shake all of the following ingredients fiercely with ice and strain into a garnished glass:  1½ shots citrus vodka, ½ shot Cointreau, ¾ shot cranberry juice, ½ shot lime juice and two dashes orange bitters. Disclaimer: this cosmo doesn’t include Miranda, Samantha or Charlotte and will taste better with the addition of three best friends by your side.


In Chapter seven of Casino Royale James Bond instructs the bartender on how to make his dink for the night, straying from his normal order of a martini: three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet and with a lemon slice instead of an olive. This concoction is later named the Vesper by Bond in the subsequent chapter. To feel like you have a little bit of Bond in you, grab a Martini glass and follow his directions to create the secret agent’s cocktail.  The only detail to bear in mind is that the Kina Lillet Bond refers to will appear labeled as White or Blanc Lillet today. Shake all ingredients together and garnish with a lemon peel; enjoy the serenity in that you won’t have to go kill someone soon.


Up on your roster of TV marathons is sure to be Mad Men, so unearth an old fashioned glass and drink an Old Fashioned as you watch Don Draper down the same powerful mix. You need one sugar cube, Angostura bitters, club soda and two ounces of rye whiskey. First put the sugar cube in the glass and then moisten it with two to three dashes of the Angostura bitters, followed by a splash of the club soda. Now crush the softened sugar cube with anything that will crush it and rotate the glass just so that the sugar grains and bitters will create a lining. Add an ice cube and the rye whiskey and top with a stirring rod. Fruit garnishes are for the faint of heart and that’s why the Old Fashioned doesn’t include one, but if you’re feeling fancy enough, feel free to hang a lemon slice on the rim. Don Draper is man enough to take it straight, though, and we’ll just leave it at that.