7 Gadgets to Change Your Chocolate Life

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We’ve been waiting for July 7th for a long time—it’s International Chocolate Day! Time for us to share the gadgets that will get you one step closer to your chocoladise.

  1. Scoopers: Just because it says “ice cream scoop,” doesn’t mean it’s only for ice cream. A scoop is a great tool for forming uniform cookie dough balls. There are also special cupcake scoops that measure out the perfect amount of batter for each cupcake liner.scoopers
  2. Chocolate Candy Molds: No need to rush to the candy store to get your chocolate fix—you can make sweet treats right at home using decorative silicone molds! Melt some chocolate, fill up a mold, and let it set in the freezer until the chocolate hardens. 
  3. Graters: Create chocolatey toppings and garnishes for ice cream with a hand grater or a rotary grater for an entire cake.
  4. Quick Ice Cream Maker: Homemade ice cream has never been more convenient and portion size appropriate! The Zoku Ice Cream Maker comes in a variety of festive colors including blue, green, orange, purple, red and light blue. Simply add ice cream mix to chilled inner bowl, pop in the freezer, and stir once ice cream begins to form (only 10 minutes)! Don’t forget the Zoku Endless Summer Ice Cream Book filled with a wide array of recipes!zouk-ice-cream
  5. Silicone Baking Mat: This has to be your go-to, all-in-one baking sheet! It’s flexible, reusable, and non-stick. Use it as a a prep mat so your dough doesn’t stick.
  6. Fondue Set: Whether you prefer the rustic cast iron look or modern stainless steel, a fondue set is a chocolate lover’s dream! Great for entertaining and hosting!  
  7. Cupcake Decorating Pen: Decorate food and plates with the precision of a skilled pastry chief with a cupcake pen. Your cupcakes, sweets, and plates will look extra fancy! cupcake-pen