4 More Great Tips You’ll Use On A Regular

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Running a great kitchen doesn’t require that you quit your full time job and slave over elaborate dishes all day long. Nope, running a kitchen efficiently requires that you know the ropes and you know how to make your appliances work for you. We’ve got four simple ways to get things done quicker in your kitchen without neither sacrificing the art of cooking, nor the taste. The best part is that these kitchen tips prove that when it comes to experimenting in the kitchen, nothing’s too crazy or too far out of reach to try. So go ahead and try that crazy idea you thought of— who knows, it might just work and it could even end up on the list one day!


One of the most tricky kitchen tasks: boiling eggs. One of the simplest kitchen tasks: boiling eggs in an oven. Without a fail, I always have to remind myself how to boil eggs on a stovetop; do I put the eggs in once the water is already boiling, or before? And without a fail there’s always one egg that takes one for the team and cracks mid-process. Ditch the stovetop and put a bunch of eggs at once in a muffin pan and then bake them in an oven for 25-30 minutes at 325 degrees. Once you take them out, let them sit for a few minutes and then immerse them in cold water for half an hour. The result? Hard boiled eggs without crossing your fingers and watching over the stovetop like a hawk.


You made your eggs in the oven, so now it’s time again to show your stovetop some love because it’s about to love you back. Don’t feel like making pizza in the oven because all recipes call for a pizza stone (and seriously, how many people own a pizza stone?)? Put the dough in a medium skillet and cook one side dressed with a bit of olive oil for a bit, and then flip it over to get the other side as well. After this, top it with your favorite kind of cheese, all the toppings you fancy, then cover the skillet and allow it to cook on low until all is hot and melty…


Another time saving tip is this clever way to make French toast: prepare your French toast as your normally would, dipping your bread into an egg mixture and making sure that it has enough cinnamon (who doesn’t love cinnamon)? Then place the bread into your slow cooker and allow it to cook on low for six hours. This is perfect to prepare before you go to sleep, so that you wake up to the yummy smell of French toast in your kitchen. It’s the next best thing to having a personal chef!


Your mind will be blown with this last one: how to pour wine without getting the cork into your glass. Opening a bottle of wine without the right wine bottle opener can result in a lot of floating cork in your precious wine. To avoid getting those pieces in your glass, put a piece of cheese cloth over the bottle so that as you pour the wine, it strains out those pieces for you. No more making faces as you search for those floating cork pieces in your glass, and no more wasting wine because you can’t be bothered to do so; just pure wine happiness all around!