3 Ways To Trick Kids Into Healthy Eating Habits

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Every parent dreams of instilling healthy eating habits into their children, but sometimes it’s not that easy. As much as you try to get your kids to love brussel sprouts by cooking them in maple syrup, there comes a time when you need a new game plan. Here are three ways to get your kids to eat healthier without sticking up their nose or throwing a temper tantrum first:


1) The number one item that most parents wish would have never been invented is easier to ditch than you thought: soda and other sugary drinks. Trade in that cavity causing liquid for a Zing Anything Kid Zinger that allows your child to create lemonade or orangeade on their own! Press any citrus fruit into the bottom of the bottle, add water, and voila! You have yourself a drink that doesn’t pack on sugary calories but still packs in a lot of taste. Allow your kids to choose which fruits they want to use with the Zing Anything Kid Zinger  and they’ll love having the control. So much, that they may even volunteer to be the ones to get rid of all the extra soda bottles!

2189__52616.1405386424.1280.1280 (1)2) Your solution to changing your children’s greasy chips habit comes in the guise of the Mastrad Top Chips Maker. The Top Chips Maker doesn’t require any oil to create a crunchy and healthy snack. Your kids can snack on the chips all they want with you knowing that they’re ingesting naturally occurring nutrients that aren’t hidden by layers of oil. To make chips in the Mastrad Top Chips Maker, all you have to do is slice up whatever vegetable/tuber you want (like sweet potato) into thin slices and place the slices on the Top Chips Tray and into the microwave. You can prepare a ton of chips like this ahead of time and put them into small bags for your kids to take to school instead of them grabbing the prepackaged kinds from the pantry. When they’re crunching so loudly on the healthy chips that they don’t have time to ask for a different batch, you can take that as a sign of their approval.

3) Zoku Slow Pop Molds is the final trick that will switch your kids’ unhealthy habits into deliciously healthy ones. Getting little kids to eat enough fruits can often seem like quite the battlefield, so instead of picking battles, try creating fruit smoothie popsicles instead. Blend your favorite fruit smoothie as you normally would, then pour it into the Zoku Slow Pop Molds to freeze. Using the Zoku Slow Pop Molds means knowing exactly what’s going into the frozen treat that you’re about to give your child, and that there’s no added sugar. It also helps that your child will love eating one of these frozen popsicles because they come in a variety of under-the-sea creatures. That octopus pop over there? It’s filled with strawberries and bananas so go ahead and take a lick, you’ll love it!