3 Things Your Backyard Party Shouldn’t Be Missing

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With summer approaching, so are the opportunities of spending time outdoors. BBQ’s, family picnics, weddings, and summer games are only a few examples of all the fun things that are right around the corner. With them, come the opportunity to cook and share your favorite summer dishes with family and friends.

Every backyard party has a few staples. A great homemade drink can be the life of the party. My favorite is sparkling peach sangria, that a friend made for a baby shower, and I begged her for the recipe. A SodaStream makes this drink quick and easy, and your friends are guaranteed to love it.1661__47722.1391113080.1280.1280

Finger foods and grilled vegetables can also be a great appetizer. This can be a little difficult to do when cooking larger meats that require steady, uninterrupted heat in a larger grill. However, a great trick is to have a smaller grill to the side for smaller foods. Grill homemade fish sticks or corn on the cob to serve your guests while you wait for the main course.


Another great idea to serve at your next barbeque is a tray of little frozen pops that you can prepare the night before. These are really popular with kids, and are a really great way to break a heat wave. Plus making them at home gives you the opportunity to experiment with different juice and fruit combinations. When serving them, you won’t have to convince your guests to eat them. The sentence: frozen strawberry pops with fresh blueberries inside, will speak for itself.

Whatever your barbecue staples, you can’t go wrong with fresh ingredients, quality tools, and a few good friends. Enjoy a summer afternoon sharing your favorite dishes and trying out new exciting ones. You’ll have a good time, eat well, and make memories.