3 Summer Soiree Necessities

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As the temperature rises and days grow longer, nothing beats spending a leisurely evening outdoors, sipping cold drinks and eating great food. Summer is the perfect season for those who love to entertain: whether you prefer to throw decadent soirees that showcase your prowess as a cook and mixologist, or keep it casual with a laid-back barbecue (or a little bit of both) the warm weather and picture-perfect seasonal produce make it the ideal time for parties!


When you’re hosting a summer get-together, food naturally plays a major role. In contrast to the heavier, more formal sit-down meals that characterize the colder months, summer food tend to be lighter, more produce-focused, and less fussy. That doesn’t mean you can’t get creative: on the contrary, summer’s bounteous vegetables can provide ample inspiration while allowing you to express yourself with beautiful presentations and novel flavor combinations. For a gorgeous spread of summer salads, hors d’oeuvres, and appetizers, try using the Nachtman Bossa Nova Dancing Stars Value Pack: a large square plate and four small condiment bowls, all crafted from the finest non-lead crystal.  This elegant set of dishes is the perfect way to showcase produce at its best.


Of course, vegetables aren’t the only produce that’s best in summer: during the warmer months, luscious, ripe fruit reigns supreme! Because most people crave lighter fare, and because fruit at the peak of perfection requires little adornment, fresh fruit, simply prepared, is the perfect summer dessert. No summer gathering is complete without a mouthwatering, and visually stunning, array of fresh fruit. At your next barbecue or al fresco dinner, serve a vibrant and flavorful fruit salad in the Dansk Rivet Oval Serving Bowl. When presented in an elegant serving dish, stone fruits like peaches, plums, and nectarines, as well as other summer favorites like melons, grapes, and berries, make a stunning impression – no oven required!


On a hot summer day, you can’t top a great margarita – especially with carne asada fresh from the grill, creamy guacamole, and crunchy tortilla chips. At your next barbecue, wow your guests with fabulous homemade margaritas: with the Vacu Vin Cocktail Shaker, it’s as easy as a quick shake! The Vacu Vin Cocktail Shaker is made of durable heavy-duty glass with a silicon pour spout and built-in strainer. It also features measurements in both ounces and milliliters, so you can measure ingredients directly into the shaker. With the Vacu Vin Cocktail Shaker, you can make cocktails like a pro for the most memorable parties ever!