3 Kitchen Hacks Making Your Life Easier!

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Kitchen Couture presents the three most useful kitchen hacks that you’ll be using tonight in your own kitchen: how to microwave leftovers evenly, how to pour your pancake batter easily and how to avoid watered down drinks.


We’ve all been in front of our microwave, waiting for the time to end so that we can flip over the food so that both sides get heated evenly. Here’s a trick that will give your feet a break: next time you’re using your Breville Quick Touch Microwave Oven, shape your food around an empty circle in the middle of a plate. This way, you can leave all of the hard work up to your Breville Quick Touch Microwave Oven and be satisfied with the status of your reheated leftovers the first time around.


This next one will blow your mind! Making pancakes for Sunday morning brunch is every family’s tradition and often the highlight to their weekend. You pour your pancake batter onto the Le Creuset Cast Iron Bistro Griddle and watch as your batter morphs into perfect pancakes- but sometimes it’s not as easy as it sounds, especially when you miss the pan and spill some batter onto the floor or when your perfect circles start to look more like imperfect globs. By filling your batter of choice into an empty plastic ketchup bottle you can squeeze it out easily onto your Le Creuset Cast Iron Bistro Griddle and avoid the mess. Having it in a bottle also opens up the opportunity for you to make fun shapes out of your pancake batter! Heart pancakes for brunch never sounded so delicious.


Lastly, here’s a kitchen hack that will put your Tovolo King Cube Ice Trays to good use. Instead of filling your coffee with ice cubes and being stuck with a watered down coffee once they melt, fill your Tovolo King Cube Ice Trays with coffee! This way, when the coffee ice cubes melt, you’ll just have more coffee in your cup, and no one will protest about that. You can fill the trays with your beverage of choice and use them to avoid any kind of watered down drink. Pop an ice cube in, sip, and enjoy.