3 Gadgets You’d Own If You Were a REAL Foodie..

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There are kitchen gadgets that make a neophyte chef appear to be a seasoned one, but then there are kitchen gadgets that allow a true seasoned chef to accentuate their talent. Here are three appliances that will match your seriousness about cooking with expertise that you’ve never seen before. Get ready to do some serious cooking:

sous vide (1)

1)  With the SousVide Supreme, you’re bringing a proven professional technique into your everyday kitchen. The genius behind SousVide cooking is that you achieve your desired results every single time; there’s no such thing as cooking a bad meal. The way the machine works is by allowing the natural juices to marinate the foo- thus, achieving optimal taste by the time you remove it from the pouch. You season and seal your fish and vegetables in an air tight pouch, place it in the pressurized machine where it simmers in a water bath, then remove it from the pouch and serve it immediately. Cooking that perfectly tender piece of meat or tilapia is easy with the SousVide Supreme and allows you to shine as a true chef.

2)  A sign of a true chef is someone who maximizes the potential out of their appliances. Take your crème brulee torch for example. Besides for caramelizing the top of a bowl of rice pudding, you can really exemplify your expertise by torching your morning bowl of oatmeal or creating a wow-worthy side dish of sweet potatoes by torching the top. Use your crème brulee torch on foods at breakfast and lunch, no longer simply reserving it for a dessert after dinner

frisper3)  Your third must-have kitchen gadget is the Oliso Frisper System. After you cook up a storm like the professional that you are, you can store the foods in just as efficient of a manner. The Oliso Frisper System vacuum seals your bags so that freshness is maintained and no monkey business with a zipper occurs. From cooking to sealing your foods, you should only be armed with the most professional of gadgets- the Frisper basically creates a freshness and flavor trap for your food!