3 Cocktail Hacks That Instantly Make You Cooler

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You could take the regular, safe route for your next shindig- but what’s the fun in that? Besides, summer calls for fresher tastes than plain old beers or reds. On that note,  here are some quick cocktail hacks that will impress friends and instantly boost your cool points:


1)      The Vodka-Melon: Why use regular old cups for drinks, when you can use the inside of a coconut, pineapple, or (my favorite) watermelon. The fruit itself can be used as a cup, or molded into something new. In fact, watermelon itself can become an alcoholic beverage! Simply grab your favorite watermelon knife and cut a circle or plug out of the watermelon. Don’t throw it out! Instead, put it aside. Then take a funnel and slowly pour vodka or your favorite type of alcohol inside the watermelon until it’s absorbed by the fruit. You may have to refrigerate while you wait for the alcohol is absorbed as it may take several hours. Once you’re done, plug the watermelon and while keeping it upright, refrigerate overnight. You can even freeze it for 24 hours for an ice cold treat. Oh yeah, we hear tequila is a GREAT alternative, if vodka isn’t handy!


2)      The Edible Shot Glass:  If you like something a little closer to serving size, then how about watermelon shots? Simply scoop out watermelon balls with an ice cream scoop, then make the “cup” or drinking portion with a melon baller, being careful not to puncture, and voila! You have edible shot glasses. And you don’t have to commit yourself to watermelon- honeydew and cantaloupe are also great options.


3)      The Infused Sangria:  If you’re a fan of a more complicated drink, there are so many recipes you can make at home. One of my favorites is sangria because there are so many different variations of it. You can make it light and fruity or deep and spicy. To make great sangria, first make sure to have all the right tools and ingredients. A spice infused sangria involves having ingredients like cloves, peppercorns, cinnamon, and ginger in an infusion pitcher and letting them sit for a while to impart flavor.  Of course, you’ll be adding your favorite sweet and citrus components at a later point, but these spices will have your guests thinking you’re a creative genius!