12 Unique Uses for Your Food Processor

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Get more out of your kitchen appliances and save money with a little creativity. Among the various essential kitchen electrics you have, a food processor is one of the most versatile. If you love to cook and create, this is one tool that you should have.

We carry the high-quality Breville Sous Chef 12 Food Processor. Breville food processors have a wide array of features that you can take advantage of during the entire cooking process. Unlike other food processors, this brand will not require you to cut or slice your food items because it works with all shapes and sizes of food. It has three chute options including  the 5 inch feed chute that is perfect for whole food items, the 2 ¾ inch chute that is perfect for medium sized or food chunks and the 1 ½ inch chute which is perfect for thinly sliced ingredients. With its powerful and heavy duty 1000 watt induction motor, your food will be processed as fast and efficient as possible. Its variable slicing disc has 24 settings, allowing you to customize the thickness of your food. It also has a micro serrated S blade which allows you to work with tough food within seconds. Lastly, it has a non-slip feet and safety locking system.


Breville Sous Chef 12 Food Processor

Things To Do With A Food Processor

  1. Make butter: To do this, you just need heavy cream and salt (if you like it salty). Churn the butter in the food processor at low speed. Squeeze off any remaining buttermilk and place your butter in a container. Refrigerate it right away.
  2. Grind meat: One benefit of grinding your own meat is it is a lot more affordable. If you plan on grinding your own meat, it is recommended that you cut the meat pieces into chunks and then freeze it until the chunks are stiff.
  3. Make mayonnaise: According to experts, mayonnaise is one of the unhealthiest condiment there is but this should not always be the case. When you have a chance to create your own mayonnaise, you can use a healthy oil substitute instead of the rancid vegetable oils that store bought mayonnaise products have.
  4. Make potato chips: As mentioned above, the slicing disc of the food processor has 24 different settings. The thinnest slice that it can create is 0.33mm which is perfect in creating crispy potato chips. You can just simply adjust the setting if you want a thicker slice.
  5. Grate carrots: For best results, it is recommended that you slice your carrots into thin pieces and pass them through the 1 1/2 inch chutney. Now, you do not have to tire yourself in grating carrots for your salads, spaghetti and other types of dishes.
  6. Make nut butter from almonds, peanuts, etc.: You can also use this tool to create your very own nut butter. The best thing about making your own is that you can be able to regulate the amount of sugar that you will put into the butter. In addition to that, you can shy away from adding preservatives or additives to the mix.
  7. Make hummus: Hummus is one thing that is best prepared on your own. Sure, there are many hummus dip out there but you are not entirely sure what is incorporated in it. With this equipment, you can be able to filter what goes into your hummus and you are rest assured that it will be natural and organic.
  8. Make homemade pie crust: Baking pie is now really easy with the use of a processor. When using a processor in making a pie crust, keep in mind that you should pulse the ingredients instead of processor it.
  9. Make bread crumbs: This kitchen item also allows you to turn dried out bread slices into bread crumbs. Instead of throwing it away, you can turn your bread scraps to crumbs which you can use as toppings for soups, salads and breading for chicken and fish fillets.
  10. Make pesto: This is a big deal for pesto lovers! If you like to customize your own pesto, this is the tool to use. With the use of this tool, you can create a healthier version of pesto or you can customize your pesto depending on your preference.
  11. Make pasta dough: When you have a food processor at home, you can create your very own past anytime you wish. The main benefit of a homemade pasta dough is you can be able to create pasta in different flavors like whole wheat, spinach and the likes.
  12. Chop nuts: This is probably the most common function of all. For this, it is recommended that you use the medium sized bowl and the medium sized chutney for this. Just process the nuts for no more than a few seconds and keep the chopped nuts in a tightly closed jar.

For best results, it is recommended that you but the best food processor that will suit your needs. Make sure that the tool that you will buy has the features that you will need for your cooking journey.